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Community Outreach

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Portland, OR, USA

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-Work with the fundraising chair and business liaison to create strategic relationships with donors.

-Form and implement a public relations strategy with the Marketing/Social Media chair to communicate with donors and the media to represent the organization.

-Assist with press releases, brochures, social media, email campaigns and attending community events.

-Work with the fundraising chair to collect data and information to focus on the donors, events and venues that may be useful to the organization.

-Oversee the planning and implementation of outreach strategies.

-Responsible for connecting people in the broader community by creating sponsorship agreements and cultivating relationships with businesses, individuals, and other relevant organizations.

-Develop database and relationships with current and potential donors.

-Work with Brooklyn Business Liaison to create and strategy to inform the community, businesses, and local leaders of Friends of Brooklyn Park and the Summer Youth Program

-Maintaining a calendar of outreach activities, including community events, appearances, and other communication opportunities.

-Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to train and staff FOBP ambassadors to community events.

-Nurturing new and old relationships with collaborative partners.

-Scheduling regular outreach exhibitions in the community.

-Assisting in the organization of special events, including donor/volunteer appreciation events and other fundraising initiatives.

-Generate TY info (contact) for the chair to send letters.

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