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Summer Program

“Both of our sons have spent their summer days at the Park with Craig (long time program director) solving puzzles, playing games and building friendships.” - Brooklyn Parent

The Brooklyn Park Summer Youth Program has been a hub of activities and belonging for 50 years. Countless kids and parents have enjoyed its purpose, and have gained from it.


The Summer Youth Program purpose:

  • Is to engage youth in healthy games, activities, and crafts.

  • To provide guidance and a safe place for children to learn and explore their own interests.

  • To teach them the value of community.

  • To take responsible care of community resources, including the park.

  • To have fun and be respectful to each other.

  • To welcome all and encourage participation.

Hours of Operation:

Starts: June 20, 2023     Ends: August 25, 2023

Monday:  1pm - 9pm

Tuesday: 1pm - 9pm

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 1pm - 9pm

Friday:   1pm - 9pm


Cost: Free ($0.00)

Registration: None, drop-in only. For younger kids the program is drop-in with parents staying. With older kids tween/teen parents can them drop off depending on the comfort and responsibilness of the child.

About the Program:

Brooklyn neighborhood kids have spent hundreds of hours at their park: The infamous waterslide, that has been featured on television and newspaper; softball leagues, wiffle ball leagues and mushball; tennis golf course; painting of plaster figures; hundreds of Izzes earned through puzzle/intellectual challenges....dozens of trophies earned for exceptional achievement; the daily shuffleboard tournament; The Crazy Car; popcorn machine; roasting marshmallows and much more.


All these activities centers around "The Shack." Built in 1957 it is brick outbuilding that has one door and is filled with all the games, tables, furniture and supplies of the program. But it is much more than just a small, public structure. It is the summer "hang out" for neighborhood children. From noon till 8 o'clock they enter and exit with the same ease and comfort of home. Years and years of artwork and saved memories cover the walls. Games and sports equipment fill the shelves. Art supplies. The popcorn machine is used daily. It is everybody's garage....or basement. It is rich with nostalgia, and grown-up park kids frequently come back to embrace their past.

The 2023 Summer Youth Program was made possible in part from grant funding provided by Portland Parks Foundation.

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