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Portland, OR, USA

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-As the custodian of the Friends of Brooklyn Park’s records, the board secretary ensures that all critical documents are organized, safely stored, and readily accessible to other board members and staff leadership.

-The secretary is an active conduit for communication between the board by giving proper notice of any meetings and timely distribution of materials such as agendas and meeting minutes.

-The secretary should be knowledgeable of the FOBP’s records and related materials, and should be able to provide advice and resources to the board on relevant topics at issue, such as particular governance matters being addressed at a meeting or a new amendment to state corporate law.

-Assist the board as they discharge their fiduciary duties.

-Responsible for scheduling board meetings and should ensure an adequate number of meetings are held per year, in accordance with the FOBP bylaws.

-Prepare and send meeting materials far enough in advance of the meeting for each board member to review such materials, correct any errors, and prepare questions and comments.

-Record all minutes of meetings. Minutes are an important organizational document and provide a memorialized chronology of key information such as board actions, elections of officers or directors, and certain reports from committees and staff.

-The secretary should be well-equipped to record accurate minutes and be aware and sensitive to any special or confidential information discussed at a meeting.

-As the custodian of the organization’s records, the secretary is responsible for maintaining accurate documentation and meeting legal requirements, such as annual filing deadlines.

-The secretary is responsible for reviewing and updating documents as necessary.

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