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Portland, OR, USA

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About the Role

-Oversee Friends of Brooklyn Park’s financial administration.

-Manage cash flow, paying and recording bills, maintaining a record of debt

-Review bank and reconciling statements.

-Have a firm understanding of the organization's bylaws and laws that apply to the organization.

-Collecting and recording receipts and applying expenses to budget line items

-Help establish best practice accounting bylaws with appropriate separations of duties.

-Generate accurate financial reports at period ends and deliver these to the FOBP board.

-Work with board members, the Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary create an overall budget (financial projection model) and specific budgets for Summer Youth program.

-Work with the board to provide advice regarding potential opportunities, risks and tax implications of future financial plans. They might also be consulted regarding grants, proposals, investments and plans regarding unexpected funds and/or cash flow shortages

-Prepare the statement of financial position, statement of cash flow, budget vs. actual (both overall and the SYP), profit and loss statements (both overall and by program), and restricted funds budgets vs. actuals.
Advise donors to speak with their CPAs or tax attorney regarding whether or not they will be able to deduct donations and contributions.

-Work with Chair, Grant Writer, Secretary to prepare materials for Grants and final grant reports as needed.

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