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Volunteer Coordinator

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Portland, OR, USA

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About the Role

-Source and recruit volunteers through various techniques (databases, e-mail, social media, community events, etc).

-Collect information on availabilities and skills.

-Produce volunteer needs and schedules for fundraising events, community events, tabling events.

-Assign responsibilities to the right people for special events.

-Coordinate teams of volunteers for large-scale Winter Gala.

-Communicate frequently with volunteers to ensure they are satisfied and well-placed.

-Disseminate information for upcoming actions and events.

-Keep detailed records of volunteers’ information and assignments.

-Insure the purpose of the Friends of Brooklyn Park and its actions are clearly communicated to volunteers.

-The Volunteer Coordinator helps organize all aspects of volunteering, from recruiting new volunteers to promoting opportunities for people who want to help or get involved. They're also responsible for keeping the board informed on administrative changes, schedule changes.

-Work with the Fundraising, Marketing/Social Media, and Community Outreach positions to create opportunities and recruit volunteers for various events, through the website, social media, and marketing materials.

-Assisting in the organization of special events, including donor/volunteer appreciation events and other fundraising initiatives.

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