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2nd Annual Community Rummage for Brooklyn Summer Youth Program Raises $2K

It was soggy at times, it was sunny at times. The Brooklyn Center Suites parking lot was full of treasure, gems, and handy items. We had an amazing rummage sale. With your donated items, purchases, and at-large donations we raised over $2K for our summer youth program.

Thank you to everyone that donated items for the sale. This wouldn't have been possible without your generosity. Also thank you to the many of you that tried to donate items, we appreciate you thinking and trying to support us; we just had too much.

Thank you to Brooklyn Center Suites for allowing us to take over their space. Thank you to PACE Pediatric Therapy for letting us use their canopy. Thank you to Sacred Heart Church for the tables. Thank you to our community members who also let us use their tables and canopies as well. It would have been an even soggier event if it were not for your help.

The money raised from the rummage sale goes directly to our youth program. How is this possible? We have an all volunteer board and administrative costs are covered by a grant from Southeast Uplift. The park program is open now through August 26, 12-8pm on Mon, Tue, Thur, & Fri.

Hope to see you all next June for our 3rd annual rummage sale.

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