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Building Community for the Future

Strengthening our organization and community connects during this off summer. This will lead us to a successful 2021 and beyond. Learn how to get involved.

As we all know this was not the summer that any of us had in mind but we at Friends of Brooklyn Park (FOBP) are determined to come out of this stronger and more connected to our neighborhood, community, and be a better organization. FOBP is looking forward as we have this off summer.

With this forward thinking mindset we are going to launch a redesigned website that will make it easier to stay up-to-date and connected with FOBP, the Summer Youth Program, and our community that supports these efforts. We are also strengthening out partnerships and seeking new ones that will support our program and mission.

In our efforts to improve our organization we are seeking to fill some essential board positions. We are in need a fundraising position, an events position, and a communication/community outreach position. If you would be interested please contact us at or direct message us.

We want to thank the BAC- Brooklyn Action Corps for helping to keep the interests, concerns, and health of the Brooklyn neighborhood moving forward during these challenging times. Also thank you Portland Parks Foundation

for advocating for our parks and fighting for their much needed resources.


Friends of Brooklyn Park

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