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Summer Youth Program is Returning!!!

It has been a challenging 14 months of pandemic proportions; but it is with excitement and gratitude that we can announce that we are going to have the Summer Youth Program (SYP) back.

Opening day will be Monday, June 21st, Noon-8pm. We will be operating on our 4 day per week schedule (M, T, Th, F) through August 28th. We are requiring all participants both kids and adults wear masks while engaged in Friends of Brooklyn Park SYP activities. We will have masks available as well as hand sanitizer and reminders to keep socially distance when possible and to wash those hands.

A reminder that the SYP program is free to all and is a drop-in program (no registration).

COVID Safety Pledge:

Friends of Brooklyn Park is asking that all youth and adult participants sign a COVID-19 safety pledge the 1st time that they participate in the SYP in 2021. This pledge will be posted in the main area of the SYP on or by the shack (utility/restroom building)

As a participant in the Friends of Brooklyn Park Summer Youth Program I pledge to follow the following COVID-19 safety guidelines and respectfully remind other participants to follow them.

  1. Wear a mask at all times while participating in the Summer Youth Program except when eating or drinking. Masks for youth and adults will be provided to all SYP participants that need them.

  2. Keep social distancing of 3-6 ft whenever possible.

  3. Regularly wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer (several hand sanitizer stations will be available).

  4. Let a staff member know if you don’t feel well.

The above safety guidelines are not optional. You must be willing to follow them in order to participate.

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