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Fundraising Chair

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Portland, OR, USA

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About the Role

-Works with a committee to plan, calendar, and organize fundraising activities.

-Focus on raising the amount of funds needed to meet the FOBP admin and SYP budgets.

-Presents reports on proposed fundraising activities at board meetings for approval.

-Work with the volunteer coordinator to assess the number of volunteers needed at fundraising events.

-With with the community outreach coordinator and Brooklyn business liaison to find businesses to sponsor or host fundraising events.

-Create reports with fundraising numbers by event to submit to the board and treasurer.

-Assess what worked best in the past and what might be changed or introduced as a fundraiser.

-Create a fundraising plan for both in-person activities and virtual/online activities.

-Work with the community outreach to have hybrid or fundraising presence at some community events.

-Make sure proper permits (OLCC and DOJ raffle) are obtained for fundraising event that require them.

-Work with marketing/social media board member to promote fundraising events.

-Work with Chair, Vice-chair, and other board members on planning major (annual) and minor fundraising events.

-Prepare materials or reports as needed for Grant Writer.

-Develop procedures and operations (best practices) for Fundraising board position.

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